Molecular Biology 

  1. Introduction to molecular biology
  2. General laboratory practices in molecular biology
  3. Instrumentation: Principle and Handling
  4. Reagent preparation
  5. DNA isolation form plant/microbes/blood/tissue
  6. RNA isolation form plant/microbes/blood/tissue
  7. Nucleic Acid quantification
  8. Nucleic Acid visualization on Agrose Gel
  9. Polymerase Chain Reaction: Introduction and Applications
  10. Techniques based on polymerase chain reactions
  11. Introductions to Real Time PCR
  12. Real Time PCR: Different Chemistries
  13. Introduction to Bio Informatics
  14. Genome Browsers: NCBI, UCSC, ENSEMBL
  15. Studies of various files formats e.g. FASTA, FASTQ, VCF, .SEQ, .GB etc.
  16. Primer Designing
  17. Analysis of Sanger Sequencing Data