1. Literature study – TGTRI offers scientific studies related to the area of interest of the student. This helps the student to gain scientific knowledge on the topic.
  2. Course preparation – A layout of entire work is prepared by the student under the guidance of project coordinator.
  3. Course presentation (synopsis) – The entire work is then presented by the student in the form of presentation to the faculty/ HOD of the student’s institute.
  4. Sample collection and lab work – Student has to collect the sample from the location as mention in their course work. This is the major step of the program. No lab work will be done by project coordinator; student has to perform the entire lab work by themselves.
  5. Data management and result analysis – All the results obtained during the work must be managed in vary organized form and completed.
  6. Presentation – Presentation of complete work followed by the viva voice is done for every student individually.
  7. Report preparation – A compilation of entire work in the form on thesis is prepared by every student. All the steps will be performed by the students under constant guidance of TGTRI faculty.

Molecular Biology 

Recombinant DNA Technology

Advanced Biochemistry

Advanced Microbiology

HPLC and Its Applications

Plant Tissue Culture

Animal Tissue Culture

Mushroom Cultivation Research

Real Time PCR & Its Applications